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Merci Bakery | Mona Flood (photo credit: Merci Bakery via Instagram)

Phew, its Friday! We thought we'd share a few links to things that made us laugh or smile this week. Hope your Valentine's Day was extra sweet and there's lots more xoxo's in store this weekend!

Bravo to David Harbour for his exceptional acceptance speech at the SAG Awards. Yay to this GIF immortalizing Winona's reaction ... with pizza.

Betcha you've never heard two baby sloths talk to one another! 

Allie is hoping to arrive at the Fred Rogers International Airport the next time she goes home. Sign the petition now!

What can we say? Cute animal vids are the way to our hearts. Even this slightly mischievous pup

Sure way to cure the I'm-so-over-all-of-this-snow blizzard blues: this recipe served with cheesy garlic bread!

So whatever happened to Joanna and Sam? Can't wait to find out!

Enjoying these tunes while we work. Another favorite is listening to Clayton belt out to disco songs which we unfortunately cannot stream.