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I LOVE to travel! Could I do it more? Probably. Will I travel more? Most likely and God-willing. Is it fun meeting others while traveling? Of course! Here are some things you can buy this holiday season for someone in your life who loves to set sail, take off, and hit the road in style and with a pop of color!

Holiday Gift Guide for the Traveler | Blog | Smudge Ink1) This canvas shoulder duffle is great for the calm, cool, and collected low maintenance, carry-on only, traveler. The canvas is comfortingly simple and utilitarian, while the screen printed design is both handsome and cheeky all at the same time.

2) It's always important to stay hydrated, but especially while traveling. Why not use this beautifully designed canteen to fill both of your cold and hot hydration needs. Double-layered stainless steel? Turns out they do make things like they used to, and then some.

3) Sure, we have all taken public transport, taxis, or rented a car, but with GPS and guides like this, why not take a bike ride though your favorite European city? It's a great way to gauge the lay of the land and work up an appetite to enjoy some local culinary treats. This box set written by Max Leonard boasts an 8 volume guide that covers London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Milan and Antwerp/Ghent.

4) Who doesn't like looking at a map and seeing where they have been or where they might want to go?! Well as my grandfather would say, "There are plenty of beautiful places in the US alone to visit." So let this print hang on the wall of someone in your life so they can daydream and then make like Johnny Cash to go "Everywhere Man [(or Woman)]."

5) When coming down from the baggage claim, luggage tags can help you pinpoint your suitcase from the get-go (not to mention make it easy for someone to return if lost!). I have my eye on these ones in mustard yellow and kelley green. And it's real leather made in the USA!

6) I remember when I got my passport; it was so handsome. But as time goes on, it could use some personalization. Cue: this passport cover. Choose from one of the 13 colors that speaks to you and prepare for your next worldly adventure and/or help someone else do the same.