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It wasn’t too difficult for me to come up a stationery and supplies gift guide for the paper lover! Not surprisingly, I naturally gravitate towards these gift ideas for anyone on my list. Can anyone have too many notebooks and writing utensils, really?

Holiday Gift Guide for the Paper Lover | Blog | Smudge Ink
1) Watch out, Milton! This stapler will definitely have you keeping tabs on it. All office supplies should have this much personality.

2) These everyday memo pads are simple yet fun. And I have a soft spot for grids. The biggest challenge will be deciding which color to choose!

3) It’s all in the details! Our double-thick flat notes with bold edge painting will have your favorite letter writer at hello.

5) Chic and practical, this leather pencil case even has some helpful graphics embossed on the back (calculation for the area of a circle, anyone?).

4) Pencils are always a good staple to have around, even better if there are hilariously entertaining. The Carbon Crusader offers these with quotes from your favorite movies. Or create sets with your own sayings!

6) These beautiful Japan made spiral notebooks are sensible enough for the adult but not without a hint of back-to-school giddiness.


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