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Our Favorite Scenes from Love Actually | Blog | Smudge InkAPRIL. Favorite scene: When the Prime Minister is in the car with Natalie and her family members so they can talk on the drive to the school that’s “just around the corner" and the octopus says “We’re here!” And then the Prime Minister says “That really was just around the corner.” Because they were in the car for 30 seconds. I just find it so funny. And so often we’re on a car ride and arrive more quickly than anticipated and it’s very true: “that really was just around the corner.”

DEB. There are so many good scenes so I'm going to share the lines of my favorites. Hugh Grant’s character: “Would we call her chubby?” The young boy (what’s his name?): “Worse than the total agony of being in love?” January Jones in the Wisconsin bar: “And he’s a Christian!” Colin Firth character: “She’s in” (when Aurelia dives in the lake). Also, I love the translation of Colin Firth’s proposal.

SARAH. So I have thought about this a lot, replaying my favorite scenes in my mind again and again to try and choose a favorite. And then I realized that it's obvious! My favorite part is the one I rewind, sometimes two or three times, whenever I watch the film: the scene where the Prime Minister and his chauffeur sing "Good King Wenceslas." Hugh Grant's expression when his driver joins in is priceless and worth seeing more than once in one sitting! 

CLAYTON. It's hard to define a favorite scene. The funniest? The most romantic? The most heart-wrenching? The cutest? Consider me a gooshy, but honestly my favorite scene would have to be the opening credits. These credits document live footage of loved ones greeting each other in the Heathrow Airport while Hugh Grant briefly narrates that despite all the seemingly bad in the world, "If you look for it, [he's] got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around." The scene is sentimental and candid. Beautifully orchestrated opening credits, I'll say.

ERIN. It's hard to choose one part as my favorite, but I think i'll go with the end montage where Jamie (Colin Firth) goes off to propose to Aurelia and is accompanied by the whole town. At the same time you get clips of Sam running after Joanna in the airport. The music swells and and you can't help but root for them! 

GEORGE. I'd have to say my favorite scene is the Prime Minister dancing his way through the house. It's impossible to not laugh at this scene, but it also reminds me of how I feel when it's just me and the presses after everyone has gone home and I can crank the music ... not that I can compete with those moves, though! 

MOLLY. It's so hard to choose! I definitely have a favorite scene for each story line. But I think my favorite would have to be the scene when Emma Thompson's character Karen gets to the Joni Mitchell CD from Harry. When she goes upstairs and cries with Mitchell's song "Both Sides Now" playing - it's heartbreaking and authentic and beautiful all at once. It gets me every time! 

SABRINA. I'm going to have to piggy back off Sarah on this one. The kids in the caroling scene just crack me up: "Please, sir, please. Please." And then they just all start jumping and dancing in all of their sparkly girly flair. Plus, one of little girls is wearing glasses.