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Holiday Baking | Blog | Smudge InkSeems it's the time of year to bake. Every holiday season, I usually make 5 to 6 different kinds of cookies and put together boxes for neighbors, friends and co-workers. It's one of my favorite things to do and is usually accompanied by a good mix of holiday music. It turns out that I'm not the only one at Smudge Ink who enjoys this ritual. Both Sarah and Erin also love to bake, and we discovered our shared weakness for collecting cookie cutters. 

Cookie Cutters | Blog | Smudge InkPerhaps this doesn't appeal to all, but to the three of us, a morning of baking every cookie in our combined cutter collections sounded like fun. And it was! I personally have cookie cutters that I've never actually used, so it was especially gratifying to break in some previously unused ones. (We all have our things.)

Holiday Baking | Blog | Smudge InkIt took two large batches of dough, but we succeeded in baking and decorating around 100 cookies, if not more (I did not count). We had the regular suspects: stars, hearts, flowers, snowflakes. We had some "randoms": a strong man, a tooth, a chili pepper. We had a full array of Star Wars cutters thanks to Erin (Yoda is my favorite!).

Holiday Baking | Blog | Smudge InkBut our fullest collection came in the form of animals including a lion and a bear (reminder: must find tiger cookie cutter!). There were also cats, dogs, a hedgehog, a whale, an alligator, a buffalo, a pony, a lobster, an owl, a cardinal, a mouse, a rooster, a moose, a loon, a chicken, a fox, and an elephant. Sarah even found MORE cookie cutters back home that she had forgotten about after our bake off.

Holiday Baking | Blog | Smudge InkWe had a great time kicking off the holiday cookie season together. Plus, it provided about a week's worth of baked treats at the studio. May the sweet and buttery force be with you this holiday season!