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Our Favorite Summer Recipes

Summer is such a great time to try out new recipes because everything's in season! We've been talking a lot about the recipes we come back to time and again and the ones we're planning to test in the coming weeks. Cook along with us!  

Bourbon-and-Brown-Sugar Cake with Berries from Martha Stewart
I just made it for the first time (pictured above!) and it's yummy and not too difficult to make. Plus, it was an easy thing to bring to a summer cookout! I also want to try making this one!      -Erin

Charred Corn Salad from Williams Sonoma
This is a recipe my mom has made and I tried it myself last summer when we finally had a grill of our own!  It’s hard to be polite and take a “normal” serving. I usually want two or three. :)     -Megan

Heirloom Tomato Caprese from Bon Appétit
When tomatoes are in season they are soooo good! It's so easy salad to throw together and it's so refreshing.       -April

[Photo of Bourbon-and-Brown Sugar Cake with Berries courtesy of Erin.]