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Playlist: Hippy to the Hop | Smudge InkI'm not too sure how I was given the title of Office DJ, but I quite enjoy it. When I'm not yelling to coworkers over the volume of my ear buds, many who enter the office may be greeted by my incredibly eclectic repertoire of music. Being the youngest in my family, I had to learn to appreciate a wide array of music, seeing as how the radio was pretty much monopolized by  my parents, elder siblings, and such. So get ready for anything goes! Well, almost anything.

To start this series off right, the first playlist is for the eclectic hip hop lover. You might be able to gather some rapping cadence similarities between Devoe and Snoop Dog. Today's hip hop queen Nikki Minaj was obviously inspired by the undeniable rapping prowess of Salt-N-Pepper. But regardless of your level of hip hop love, these songs are bound to make you want to work it and lose control (in the best possible way). There's nothing like a good beat to kick-start the morning or tackle that project you've been avoiding. This playlist gets that job done.

Playlist: Hippy to the Hop | Smudge Ink