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Chocolate Birthday Cake | Blog | Smudge InkTHE GOOD. Lots of parents look forward to back-to-school month for obvious reasons. That first day can be a bit harrowing but fortunately I’d say the transition went relatively smoothly. At least we had a couple stories to laugh about (thanks, Deb!). I also look forward to September because it feels like a fresh start: the weather's changing and everyone's got a little extra pep in their step.

This week we started the tradition of monthly staff lunches! You may have already picked up on my obsession with lunch given the past two posts on lunch ideas and lunchbox notes. We typically all just grab and scarf down our lunches at our desks, each at different times throughout the day. I really loved the idea (good one, Sarah!) of allocating one day a month for us to gather and gab over our lunches together. There was lots of laughing and joking around; it was a great way for all of us to hit pause in the middle of a very, very busy day.

We also celebrated three office birthdays (read our birthday notes here) with a super chocolatey 5-layer cake topped with shiny heart sprinkles!

THE BAD. We've been really bogged down in our print room. With lots of staffing and scheduling changes, it's been hard to keep to a normal print schedule. Throw in a few early season colds, and the presses nearly came to a stop! But we're getting back on track and making a dent in our print list!

THE UGLY. We had quite the lively debate about Cats the musical. Does anyone know whether it has a plot or not?