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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: April

This month our National Stationery Show (NSS) prep falls into all three categories! Read on for a look behind the scenes.  THE GOOD. We bring our own hard walls to NSS. So far we've built or patched up all of the walls. We have also measured and cut our shelving...

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National Stationery Show Prep

Rome was not built in a day, and the same goes for a successful National Stationery Show (NSS)! Sending fun and beautiful mailers to stores and paper friends alike only hits the tip of the NSS iceberg. As you may or may not know, we must build a booth too!...

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Boston Women's March

I’m so glad I went to the Boston Women’s March because the day felt happy and hopeful, a much welcome change to the feelings of dread hanging over me since the election. It was wonderful to find myself surrounded by over 100,000 people who care and want to be involved. Not to mention there were...

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8th Birthday Party: Northeast Animal Shelter

My eldest daughter, Abigail, recently turned 8 years old. Sometime early in September, I asked her if she wanted to have a party (yes), and what she might like the theme to be (don't know). So we brainstormed, brainstormed some more, and then took a break for a couple of...

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Zoárd's Upcoming Holiday Craft/Art Markets

How is it already December? Sheesh! We've been printing like mad over here at Smudge Ink HQ. And in between I've been busy preparing for some upcoming holiday craft/art markets. I thought I'd pass along more info in case anyone's seeking out products designed and made by local artisans (or just want...

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