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Free Printable Garden Markers for Spring Planting!

Out here in Boston we are eagerly awaiting spring. I can't get enough of everyone's cherry blossom pics from warmer parts of the country, especially given the slushy snowfall we experienced last weekend. To cheer myself up I decided to start some herbs. Hopefully by the time they are ready to...

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How Does Kate's Garden Grow Series: On the Bright Side

Summer has officially come and gone, and without a doubt, it was a good one. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the disaster called my garden. It’s overgrown, neglected, and under watered, and it’s ALL. MY. FAULT. I feel guilty about it, but I’m trying to redeem myself by focusing...

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How Does Kate's Garden Grow Series: Shady Window Boxes

The home we moved into 2.5 years ago has a shady patio with two ready-to-plant window boxes at the base of each kitchen window. Since settling in, I have been happily experimenting in the world of window box plants, and I’m pleasantly surprised by how many can thrive in the shade. Among a...

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How Does Kate's Garden Grow Series: Spring is Here!

Gardening season is in full swing here in Boston, and after such a grueling winter, I could not be happier. Over the past month, I’ve been preparing my garden and daydreaming about all the possibilities for this season and beyond. I tend to plant perennials in my garden beds; there...

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How Does Kate's Garden Grow?

Not all of us are lucky to have a green thumb (myself—that's Molly—included). We try and try to keep indoor plants to bring life into our homes, but even the hardiest of specimens wither and die. With spring springing, we’re all eager to see those little green shoots in the...

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