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THE GOOD. Business-wise, it's been a good month. Customers have been ordering from our new catalog, and we have two new fulfillment assistants filling those orders. Welcome, Haley and Allie! At the same time, we are excited to announce Erin's promotion to Shop Manager as well as Sarah's new role as Sales Manager. We couldn't ask for a better team!

I especially love this time of year when we're shipping lots of Valentines out to stores. I'm absolutely smitten with these cards, and I get such a thrill when my favorites are packed up in an order. I never knew what my spirit animal was until I saw this beaver.

Last but not least, our print room is getting a makeover! George is reorganizing everything, and it's pretty cool to watch the transformation. There's something about moving furniture around and cleaning out every nook and cranny that adds new energy. Good feng shui, perhaps?  

THE BAD. For the most part, things in the office have been pretty great this month. It's the outside world that's been a real challenge for so many of us. We're sad and angry but it has been encouraging to participate in the Women's March, letter writing and phone calling campaigns, and protests. As a country, we seem to be rediscovering what civic duty means and we're coming together. It's going to take a lot of work. 

THE (NOT SO) UGLY. Check out this feed for a dose of pure joy.