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A Fresh Start

We love the new year at Smudge Ink. It’s the perfect time to shake things up and start fresh, and for us, this means coming out with brand new products and designs. So what are we loving the most about our most recent release? NOTEPADS. The new line pops with...

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Lovesick Expo

Now that have returned from the holidays (some of us more tan than others), we are excited to kick off the 2013 wedding season. Happy engagement to all of you couples out there who are looking forward to saying their “I do’s” this year! You’re likely glowing from all of...

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Happy Holidays from Smudge Ink

For many of us, the holidays bring back memories of snowman sweaters courtesy of Aunt Doris or being dragged around the neighborhood for the annual carol-a-thon with your siblings. How funny it is that the very traditions you probably rolled your eyes at as a kid warm your heart now....

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