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Hey y’all! It's Vee. Sibling Day is coming up on April 10th, a day dedicated to (obviously) celebrating your siblings! The day isn't federally recognized like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are, but it's a great idea all the same. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a sibling!

Free Printable Sibling Day Cards | Smudge InkIn sharing our own sibling experiences with everybody at the studio, Margaret recalled being stuck with her brother and sister in the back seat of a long family car ride. All of us could relate immediately to that invisible line and the whining and shouting to mom or dad that ensued when one sibling or another crossed it. 

Free Printable Sibling Day Cards | Smudge InkFor those of use who grew up with siblings, fighting and bickering was a pretty common occurrence. Looking back, it seemed all of us had at least one memory of sibling rivalry gone too far and someone ending up sobbing and injured (not going to name any names here!).    

Inspired by our collective childhood stories, I designed these Sibling Day cards that you can print out and send to your brother and/or sister. Hopefully, they make you look fondly on all of those now-laughable moments you shared with your siblings.

Download and print “Happy Sibling Day” and "Love Ya, Sib!" cards.

Free Printable Sibling Day Cards | Smudge InkMy siblings and I definitely fought like cats and dogs, but we all know we have each other’s backs, and while we still definitely need our space, we’re grateful for each other. I hope you'll let your siblings know that even through good and bad (and maybe a hospital trip here and there) you still care for them! 

Free Printable Sibling Day Cards | Smudge Ink