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For my holiday gift guide, I'm sharing my passion for everything green and in bloom. Here are some lovely items I've been eyeing that would make great gift for aspiring and seasoned gardeners alike.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Gardener | Smudge Ink
1) For that person who has a cutting garden or stands for a good hour in front of the flower section at Whole Foods (you know who you are!), this gorgeous book will open the world of decorating possibilities.

2) I love this high contrast poster by Leah Duncan—a show stopper in any room.

3) Smudge Ink's floral mini calendar will help pass the cold winter months until spring. And did I mention succulents are in it?

4) Durable and water proof, not to mention very comfortable, Muck Boot Co. gardening shoes are my all-time favorite. 

5) Not only does this tall planter look good, its height also allows for maximum sunlight for all those sun-hungry plants out there (when you don't have a ledge or table near a window).

6) Spoil someone with luxurious hand cream. This one has a mild scent, and its moisturizing capabilities do the trick for me every winter.