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If animals make anyone happy, it's our very own E.B. Goodale. I mean she adopted a stray cat while on vacation in Mexico and brought her back home. So for those of you stuck on holiday gifts, I asked Emily to round up her fave ideas for the animal lover. Read on for her picks from the woodsy to the exotic ... 

Holiday Gift Guide for the Animal Lover | Smudge Ink1) No crazy cat lady here. This top is a hip addition to any cat lover's wardrobe.

2) You might have seen Becca Stadtlander’s illustrations on the cover of books, on cards in your local boutique, or in the pages of the New York Times. Her nostalgic, folk inspired paintings are filled with life and this zebra print is no exception.

3) This cutie little bear note card is the perfect way to say, hello, thank you, sorry, whatever!

4) Open your beers with style. These funky bird bottle openers are bound to stay out on display as they are a work of art!

5) Whether for a child or an adult, this book by Akiko Miyakoshi is absolutely stunning. The shadowy, charcoal illustrations tell a story about a group of animals that help a lost girl find her way through the woods—a must have for animal and book lovers alike!

6) These mugs are simple and classic on the outside and then have a surprise friend on the inside. I had one of these as a child and it was my favorite mug! It's like a little world inside your tea.