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Meet the Team: George Graves

If you haven't already noticed, we've been singing George's praises ever since he took over press operations last October. Behind in printing our fall release when he started, we left him with the not-so-easy task of getting us back on track. He accomplished this and more, keeping the presses running and helping us...

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Boston Women's March

I’m so glad I went to the Boston Women’s March because the day felt happy and hopeful, a much welcome change to the feelings of dread hanging over me since the election. It was wonderful to find myself surrounded by over 100,000 people who care and want to be involved. Not to mention there were...

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2017 Bucket List

I find it energizing to break open a new calendar every January 1st. It's almost as though you gift yourself 365 new days of possibilities. As we turned the page on 2016, I asked everyone here: what's one thing you’re excited about doing/getting done in the new year?  CLAYTON. Where to begin?...

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Zoárd's Upcoming Holiday Craft/Art Markets

How is it already December? Sheesh! We've been printing like mad over here at Smudge Ink HQ. And in between I've been busy preparing for some upcoming holiday craft/art markets. I thought I'd pass along more info in case anyone's seeking out products designed and made by local artisans (or just want...

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Movember: Growing the Mo for Men's Health

(image: George's "mo") You’re not keeping that are you? What does your wife think? How do you get away with that? Where’d your beard go?! I didn’t recognize you …Half way through my sixth Movember, I’ve had a fair amount of practice getting used to the comments and “hairy eyeballs”...

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