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Stacks of Boxed Holiday CardsTHE GOOD. I love thinking back on all of the good things that happen each month! It's a reminder that we're accomplishing quite a lot, which can be really hard to notice in the day-to-day craziness of a small business. This month Julie has been keeping everything moving in the press room while soaking in as much as possible before Margaret’s departure (more about this below). We finished reorganizing inventory on the new shelves! Our summer fulfillment assistant pre-packaged so many holiday cards that we can barely see over the stacks (unless you use a tall ladder in order to take a photo). And Clayton is doing such great design work right now (plus we're ahead of schedule!!!); we cannot wait to share it all with you later this year!

THE BAD. More like the sad, I suppose. To start, Ryan ended his summer internship. He helped us with so many projects, including blog posts like this and this. Then right after that, we threw a farewell party for Emily, our longtime print shop manager and lover of teeny things! She enjoyed a mini cake as we reminisced about her eight years with Smudge and talked excitedly about all of the great things she'll be doing in the coming months. Last week, we sent Margaret off with a road trip care package complete with a copy of the Sister Act 2 soundtrack. She's en route to Nevada right this moment! And finally, we said bye-bye to Henry, our Beyoncé-loving and superstar packaging assistant (yes, he boxed all of those cards and more). He's starting his senior year of high school today!

It was fairly sad and we most definitely ate our feelings (coconut cake, mini three layer cake, strawberry rhubarb pie, and coffee ice cream to be exact), but we're so grateful to these fine folks for being a part of the family and taking great care to make sure we're all set up for life without them.

THE (NOT SO) UGLY. Does anyone else talk about Stranger Things every day? We're obsessed. We being everyone but Sabrina and Clayton. Get with the program, guys. Staff record so far is watching the entire season in one sitting (ahem, Julie).