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Free Printable Garden Markers for Spring Planting!

Out here in Boston we are eagerly awaiting spring. I can't get enough of everyone's cherry blossom pics from warmer parts of the country, especially given the slushy snowfall we experienced last weekend. To cheer myself up I decided to start some herbs. Hopefully by the time they are ready to...

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Yay, Summer! (And Free Printable Party Invitations)

Summer always comes with a few givens—high temperatures, trips to the beach, and parties of all sorts. It also, sometimes, means a new Smudge Ink intern! Hello! My name is Ryan Eagle, and I’m the Smudge Ink summer intern! Sorry I’m using so many exclamation points; I’m just very excited...

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Happy Sibling Day! (and Free Printable Card)

Hey y’all! It's Vee. Sibling Day is coming up on April 10th, a day dedicated to (obviously) celebrating your siblings! The day isn't federally recognized like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are, but it's a great idea all the same. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a sibling! In sharing our own sibling...

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